“FREE” SHIPPING on All Orders…$30.00 or More

“FREE” SHIPPING on All Orders…$30.00 or More

“FREE” SHIPPING on All Orders…$30.00 or More

“FREE” SHIPPING on All Orders…$30.00 or More

“FREE” SHIPPING on All Orders…$30.00 or More


The Pocket Knot is a Rope Bungee Cord Tensioner Adjuster Tightener Fastener Splicer Lock Reducer


You can Join two or more Ropes Bungee Cords together.. to create a desired length  with 1/8” to 5/16 in Diameter


You can Tension the Length of any Rope Bungee Cord to desired firmness… with 1/8” to 5/16” in diameter


You can Reduce Ropes Bungee Cords to any desired length…with 1/8” to 5/16” in Diameter

The Pocket Knot


….is the “Ultimate-Knot-Alternative”…. for the Outdoorsman the Handyman or Homemaker.
It is a Great Cord Tensioner Adjuster Fastener… it Secures Bungee Cords Ropes Fast and Easy… from 1/8 to 5/16 in diameter
The Pocket Knot… is a Great Versatile Securing tool… It has NO complicated moving parts… it is Lightweight and very User-Friendly.
Enjoy your Pocket Knot forever… it comes with a “LIFETIME WARRANTY” 

WARNING: DO NOT Exceed the stated load limit of… (150 lbs).

If for any reason your Pocket Knot brakes while being used within the Specified Load Limit…..
…..We will Replace it for “FREE” at anytime thru-out your Ownership…..

Manufacturer is NOT responsible for Loss, Body Injury or Damage due to improper usage of the product.
The Pocket Knot is NOT.. to be used for Climbing or for use where Disengagement could result in body injury or property damage.
Always “Inspect the Pocket Knot” prior to Every Use….

This Versatile Device…is a handy tool that will forever Eliminate the need for Tying and Untying conventional knots.
This Simple device allows you to use the same mechanical functions, in a wide Variety of Applications.
It is the Perfect “Go-To” device, whenever needing to Secure Join Lock Adjust Fasten Tension Tighten Splice Reduce cord length Quickly and Easily…without requiring the knowledge of making complicated knots.